Asense translations

Send me your project  through the following form and you will receive a free quote within 48 hours.

It is important for you to be precise when describing your project so I will be able to send you an accurate quote.

Any information about the file format, the theme, length, source language and the deadline of the project is important for the quote's calculation.

Nota bene: Rates can vary according to the technical nature, the difficulty, the length and the deadline of the project you submit.



If the quote I submit to you is not followed by an order, I commit to delete any document you will have send me one month after the quote's delivery date.


The following rates are for illustrative purpose and exclusive of VAT.

Translation: from 0,07€/word;

Proofreading: from 25€/hour;

Localisation: from 30€/hour;

Writing: from 55€/hour;

Transcription: from 40€/hour;

Language classes: from 30€ per person per hour.

I can provide you with a rate per word for text writing when the text you order have a very specific length.

Concerning language classes, you can negotiate group rates when they are made of min. five people.


Extra fees in the event of:

  • Layout tasks and graphic editing realization;
  • Work delivery other than by electronic mail;
  • Any travel exceeding 20km back and forth for language classes (extra fee : 0.40€/km)

For more details, read the General terms of business.